The University of Trieste will host the next edition of  #StaTalk2019, organized by the Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics "Bruno de Finetti" (DEAMS). Past editions were held in Bologna, Padova, Milano, Torino, Roma.

StaTalk is a one-day, no-fee event format promoted by y-SIS, the young chapter of the Italian Statistical Society.

StaTalk is an informal scientific meeting promoting interchange of ideas among students and young researchers from different areas of study. The event focuses on methodological and applied statistical research with a special vocation in Data Analysis and Data Science.

Through the day, students and young academics will present their ongoing research in various fields of statistical learning, including clustering and network analysis, Bayesian inference, epidemiology, biostatistics, sport, among others.
At the end of the meeting a competition will be organized and a special prize will be awarded to the winner!
The initiative aims at
  • promoting statistics and data science among young graduates and undergraduates
  • providing the young statistical community with some new contributions in a variety of different topics
  • giving the young researchers the opportunity to share their ideas, projects and research interests
  • pushing young people to give feedbacks and actively participate in the statistical community
The event will also be an attempt to overcome the "Two Cultures Philosophy": Statistics and Data Science are not enemies, but they belong to the same world!
Whoever is interested in these topics, is warmly invited to participate.


Organizing team
Leonardo Egidi (
Gioia Di Credico (
Roberta Pappadà (